CSO Network

Bylaws of the Civil Society Organization Network to Combat Desertification

1. The name of this organization shall be the Civil Society Organization Network for Combating Desertification, hereinafter referred to as the Network.

2. The members of the network organization shall be civic organizations that want to participate in the 10th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD COP10) and the Civil Society Organization Network for Combating Desertification.

3. The objectives of the Network shall be:
to participate in UNCCD COP10 and propose policies to COP10; to hold CSO conferences; to propose policies on combating desertification to the Government of Republic of Korea; Campaigning to increase awareness on combating desertification; to build international alliance; and to do other relevant projects.

4. The Network shall have followings bodies for its governance.
- General Meeting, Co-chairpersons, Audits, Steering Committee, Sub-committees and Secretariat

5. General Meeting
- General Meeting shall consist of participating organizations and be the supreme decision body.
- General Meeting shall decide the direction of the Network’s activities, manage business and affairs, and select Co-chairpersons, Steering Committee members and Audits.
- General Meeting shall hold an inaugural meeting in April and hold an extraordinary general meeting when needed. 
- General Meeting shall hold a dissolution meeting in December.

6. Co-chairperson
- Co-chairpersons shall be representatives of the member organizations that are willing to participate in the Network and be selected at the general meeting, and the selection of additional co-chairpersons shall be designated to the steering committee.   
- Co-chairpersons shall represent the Network.

7. Audit
- The Network shall have one financial audit and one project audit.

8. Steering Committee
- The General Meeting shall elect some 15 Steering Committee members. The head of each Subcommittee shall be selected from Steering Committee members and the chairperson of the Steering Committee shall be selected by and from the Steering Committee.
- The Steering Committee shall decide business plans, check their operations, appoint and dismiss Secretary General, and decide affairs that are delegated by the General Meeting.   
- The Steering committee shall make it a rule to hold a regular meeting once a month.

9. Sub-committee
- The member organizations are recommended to participate in more than one Subcommittee and each Sub-committee shall have a head of sub-committee and secretary.
- The Network shall have Subcommittees on Policy, International Cooperation, Education and PR, and Civic Participation.
- The Subcommittee on Policy shall develop policies on combating desertification and organize a CSO conference.
- The Subcommittee on International Affairs shall build international alliance and promote global participation in combating desertification. 
- The Subcommittee on Education and PR shall conduct trainings and civil campaigns for combating desertification.
- The Subcommittee on Civic Participation shall develop programs, organize civic participants, support events and make plans for booth operation at the COP10

10. Secretariat
- The Joint Secretariats of the Network shall be located in Gyeongnam Province and Seoul. 
- Each Secretariat can have a Secretary General, and standing secretary when needed.   

Organization Chart of the Civil Society Organization Network to Combat Desertification

Officers of the Civil Society Organization Network to Combat Desertification

Heo Jeong-do
Representative, Gyeongnam Forest for life
Lee Chan-won
Chairman, Gyeongnam Water Expo
Lee In-sik
Co-representative, Gyeongnam Environment & Education Culture Center
Shin Seok-kyu
Chairman, Green Gyeongnam 21 Council
Park Chang-kyun
Forever Samcheon for Unification
Jeong Young-soo
Chairman, Gyeongnam Federation of Korea National Women Peasant Association
Park Jong-hoon
Co-representative, Korea Federation for Environmental Movements in Masan-Changwon-Jinhae
Lee Gwang-seok
Representative, The Forest Interpreters’ Association of Korea in Bugyeong
Jeong Dong-wha
Chairman, Changwon Environmental Education Center
Lee Jae-young
Chairman, Gyeongnam Hope Center for College Students - Future Gyeongnam
Jeong Dong-ha
Chairman, Changwon Environmental Education Center
Choi Hyun-seop
Chairman, Northeast Asian Forest Forum
Shon Bong-ho
Chairman, Green Asia
Kwon Byong-hyon
President, Future Forest
Lee Sam-yeol
Chairman, Eco-peace Asia
Jeon Jae-kyung
Chairman, The National Nature Trust
Members of the Steering Committee
Kang Ho-deok
Director, Northeast Asian Forest Forum
Lee Sung-gil
Team Leader, Future Forest
Baek Chan-hong
Chairman of Steering Committee, Eco-peace Asia
Oh Ki-chul
Secretary General, Green Asia
Song Jin-ho
Co-chair, GCAP Korea
Kim Mi-kyung
Deputy Secretary General, Gyeongnam Federation of Korea National Women Peasant Association
Sung Myung-hyun
Director, Gyeongnam Hope Center for College Students - Future Gyeongnam
Song Myung-hee
Secretary General,
Lee Kyu-chul
Forever Samcheon for Unification
Lee Hwan-moon
Deputy Secretary General, Korea Federation for Environmental Movements in Gyeongnam
Jin Heon-keuk
Chairman, Gyeongnam Association for Safe School Feeding
Cha Yoon-jae
Secretary General, Masan YMCA
Secretary General

Joo Yong-do
CSO Network to Combat Desertification
Lee Jeong-min
Secretary General, Northeast Asia Forest Forum
Lee Hyun-jin
Tax account, Sewon Tax

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